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Persbericht: Vandaag beschikbaar Windows Server 2012

Microsoft kondigde vandaag de beschikbaarheid van Windows Server 2012 aan op een wereldwijd online launch event en bracht dit naar buiten middels een persbericht. Het persbericht - waarin ook collega en MVP Maarten Goet in is gequote - leest u hieronder. 
Windows Server 2012 Powers the Cloud OS
European customers and partners cite multiple benefits of running Windows Server 2012 as the foundation of the modern datacentre.

London, UK — Sept. 4, 2012 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the general availability of Windows Server 2012 at a global online launch event. Microsoft applied its experience operating global datacentres to build Windows Server 2012 from the cloud up to help customers achieve a modern datacentre without boundaries and deliver the cornerstone of the Cloud OS. Windows Server 2012 expands the definition of a server operating system, incorporating traditionally separate technologies, such as advanced storage, networking, virtualization and automation capabilities.

In combination with Windows Azure and System Center, Windows Server 2012 goes beyond virtualization, empowering customers to manage and deliver applications and services across private, hosted and public clouds. Hundreds of new features in Windows Server 2012 are helping European customers, including Pirelli Sistemi Informativi, Lufthansa Systems, Telecom Italia, Telekom Slovenjie Group, Studio Moderna and City of Barcelona, achieve a transformational leap in the speed, scale and power of their datacentres and applications.
“Windows Server 2012 offers huge strategic value for our customers and untapped business opportunities for our partners in Europe as it allows them to realize the benefits of cloud computing on their terms,” said Eric Boustouller, president of the Western Europe Area at Microsoft. “Our European customers are already witnessing several advantages including cost savings, increased IT efficiency, agility and quicker cloud deployments. This will ultimately translate into more opportunities to drive business growth for our customers and partners in the region.”

Andrew Buss, service director at analyst firm Freeform Dynamics Ltd., also notes that simplified virtualization can yield significant business benefits. “The world of business is becoming ever faster and more competitive. As a result, IT organisations are being pressured more than ever to improve efficiency while improving IT service delivery and responding quickly to new business opportunities,” Buss said. “Critical to this is getting on top of IT service delivery by investing in shared-services IT infrastructure built on virtualisation with integrated service monitoring and management and without having to keep spending a lot of time, energy and money getting things working together.”

European Customers Find Success With Windows Server 2012
Many European enterprise customers are already seeing tremendous value in early deployments of Windows Server 2012, including increased customer satisfaction of their clients, enhanced security measures and added flexibility for employees working remotely. In addition, a global survey* of 70 early adopter customers revealed that they expect, on average, 52 per cent reduction in downtime, 41 per cent reduction in workload deployment time and 15 hours of productivity time saved per year, per employee.
Studio Moderna, a leading multichannel e-commerce platform in Central and Eastern Europe, chose Windows Server 2012 to save on costs. “We decided to avoid paying VMware 1.4 million euros in licenses and go with Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V to build a private cloud model for our regional datacentres. Add the fact that Windows Server 2012 offers cost-effective, file-based storage solutions for Hyper-V and SQL Server, and suddenly we have a new platform to build our business,” said Domen Ferbar, head of System Administration at Studio Moderna.

Efficiency gains go hand in hand with reduced capital costs for many customers. Lufthansa Systems, the IT services subsidiary of the major German airline group, adopted Windows Server 2012 to manage its growing customer database. By doing so, the company has significantly reduced operating expenses and increased availability from 95 per cent to 99.75 per cent. Bardo Werum, senior vice president of Infrastructure at Lufthansa Systems, said, “The streamlined management we get with Windows Server 2012 doesn’t just reduce costs, it makes life a little easier for us.”

Increasing customer responsiveness was another critical success factor for Lufthansa Systems. “Higher availability and faster disaster recovery are big reasons for us to adopt Windows Server 2012. They lead directly to increased customer satisfaction,” Werum added.
Similarly, Telecom Italia was looking for other efficient and customer-friendly solutions to complete its Virtual Farm. Italy’s main ICT group is adopting Windows Server 2012 to improve its private cloud infrastructure. Stefano Gigli, IT Infrastructures manager of SSC, the Telecom Italia company specialized in IT services, believes Windows Server 2012 “is a great leap forward compared to the previous version and offers relevant improvements in many areas, including network virtualization and memory management.”

“Our IT partners and customers are willing to adopt Windows Server 2012 as a key platform for their business applications,” Gigli said.
Early adopters in the public sector such as City of Barcelona, the governing body of the second-largest city in Spain, also note that Windows Server 2012 yields security benefits for the organization and enables a modern work style for employees. Eduard Martin, chief technology officer at City of Barcelona, said, “With Windows Server 2012, employees have the same experience using virtual desktops as they do with local desktops. Employees have the freedom to use either PC environment to do their jobs.” With 12,000 employees and contractors accessing the servers, security is also key consideration for City of Barcelona. “With the new security features in Windows Server 2012, contract programmers can more securely access servers behind our firewall,” Martin said.
Opportunities for European Partners With Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 offers significant opportunities for all partners, from resellers to distributors and OEMs. Hosters also play a key role in the Cloud OS, providing a “third cloud” option where customers can deploy and manage virtual machines and services, in combination with their own datacentres and Windows Azure. Telenet, a leading provider of broadband cable services in Belgium, explains how its customers benefit from this: “One of the new features introduced in Windows Server 2012 is a powerful disaster recovery feature called Hyper-V Replica. By adding Hyper-V Replica functionality into our existing Dynamic Cloud offer, our customers will be able to build a solid private or hybrid cloud solution based on Windows Server 2012 technology,” said Bart Roels, principal hosting solutions architect at Telenet.
Daniel Fried, managing director for EMEA at independent software vendor Veeam Software, agrees. “Windows Server 2012 and the new Hyper-V are significant steps forward. Not only will they further the adoption of virtualization, but we see great business opportunity for our Veeam partners to use Windows Server 2012 as a way to take companies into private and hybrid clouds. Combined with Veeam Backup & Replication, customers will have access to a secure and optimized virtualization environment with fast and reliable data protection,” Fried said.

Inovativ, a Netherlands-based systems integrator, is already receiving strong customer feedback on Windows 2012. “The response from our customers has been overwhelming. Regardless of their size, the conclusion is the same: Windows Server 2012 is an evolution of the solid platform they use today, with all the added capabilities they will need tomorrow to deliver cloud attributes to their organisations and customers. Windows Server 2012 is the leader when it comes to delivering a Cloud OS today,” said Maarten Goet, managing director at inovativ.

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